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Key & Peele: Pizza Order

This was my favorite script of the season. It’s such a simple idea for a scene, but the escalation between the characters was written perfectly, and it built to a hilarious finish. What made it resonate all the more for me was that I used to do this in high school. I’d go to McDonald’s and want to order a bunch of food because I was super fat, but I’d feel weird asking for three cheeseburgers, so I’d read the order off a little piece of paper and use “we” instead of “I” like I was taking orders for a group of people. A bit of trivia: we shot Keegan’s side of the conversation first, several weeks before we shot Jordan’s side. In Jordan’s original script, all of the people he names were characters on LOST, which is why Keegan becomes obsessed with “Claire.” However, before we could shoot Jordan’s side, we found out that ABC had denied our request to use LOST paraphenalia in Jordan’s character’s apartment, so at the last minute our art department (led by the fearless Gary Kordan) had to scramble to find another movie or show we could reference in the sketch. At the very last minute we managed to get Fox to let us use “Firefly” and Weta to grant us permission to use all the Lord of the Rings characters in the sketch, so we changed the names to be the names of the actors who played characters in those universes. We found a generic action figure to stand in for Claire since we still had to use that name and no one named Claire was in either movies. It worked out for the best, too, because I like LOTR a hell of a lot more than I like Lost.

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