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Key & Peele: Just Stay for the Night

This might be my favorite thing I’ve ever made. It’s got all the right ingredients, a hilarious script / song written by Becky Drysdale, Gary Kordan’s production design, Allison Carroll’s set decoration, costumes by Beth Morgan, hair by Amanda Mofield, makeup by Scott Wheeler, and of course, Charles Papert’s gorgeous (and period-appropriate!) cinematography. Add in choreography by Kathryn Burns, music by Joshua Funk, and orchestral arrangement by Mark Cross, and damn, you got yourself a stew. But of course, the real stars are Keegan and Jordan, who pull this whole thing off fabulously. There’s so many wonderful moments in their performances, both of which are flawless, that it’s really a testament to how good they both really are. I’m incredibly lucky to work with such an amazing group of people, and I’m very thankful to work on this show. Please enjoy this one, we all worked especially hard on it.

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    Thank you for agreeing with me that ‘baby its cold outside’ is a rap song
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    this creative team is...dream! I love this sketch. I love that Keegan & Jordan took on the...
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