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Originally this was a confusing mess of ideas. I’ve rewritten this to clarify my thoughts. First of all, I’m really happy that Master the Internet is doing as well as we had all originally hoped it would. However, I’m not happy at some of the mess that someone putting it up on Funny Or Die and Youtube has caused for us in terms of our relationship with SuperDeluxe. So while I feel proud that one of my little video babies has gone out and gotten a few hundred thousand views in the last few days, I’m not thrilled that in doing so it made the people that paid for it to be upset.

The youtube version was ripped from the Funny Or Die version. That much is obvious from the little FOD bug in the corner. But where did the Funny Or Die version come from? Unlike most other SuperDeluxe content, which is ripped from the site and then posted in other places, this one has no id markings in the corner. Which means it had to come from an original file. That can only be found (as far as I know) on my personal website (the one you’re reading) or the computers at SD. Which means most likely someone who I or Jonah or someone at SD gave a link to view then took the video and uploaded it. Without giving any credit to anyone or putting any kind of aknowledgement to SuperDeluxe’s involvement in the video. Which creates problems for us. So while I appreciate the fact that someone liked our video enough to get it watched by a whole lot of people, I’m also a little pissed that they caused some tension between Jonah and I and the good people at SuperDeluxe.

None of this really matters, of course. What’s done is done, and the video is now out there. Which it always was, on SuperDeluxe, since it was first uploaded a month ago. But I do wish all those views were going to the right place, and that at least Jonah’s name was being put into the minds of the people watching the video.

Just to clarify, these are the credits for Master the Internet (NOT master of the internet, as it is erroneously titled).

Starring Jonah Ray, directed by Peter Atencio, produced by Elysia Skye, written by Peter Atencio and Jonah Ray. I shot it and edited it too. To clear up other misconceptions, those are not a filter or an “effect.” I dubbed the final video out to VHS and then went back and forth from VCR to VCR four times onto the same tape to ensure it was extra shitty quality. It’s not supposed to take place in 1997, it takes place in 1994. And there’s a bunch more jokes we cut out that are super funny. Maybe we’ll make a sequel with them. Who knows.

So that’s the whole tale. Thanks for liking our stuff, internet. And god, wait until you see Drunk Day and Guess Who. That shit is fucking awesome.