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Cinefamily has a Kickstarter

The amazing little non-for profit indie theater that shows whatever they want needs a new projector. If they raise more money, they’ll replace the seats I opt to not sit in because they’re so uncomfortable. 

I love this place so much I’m a Black Card Member and Volunteer, even though I can only go about once every couple months. It’s a perfectly little movie oasis that is very dear to my heart, home to Benson Movie Interruptions, Miami Connection, and 3rd other cool comedy/film related thing.
I encourage you all to donate anything you can. 



What Jonah said!

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    This is so worth it, please donate I want Cinefamily to last forever!
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    And $25 gets you an ultra-rare compilation of Cinefamily’s handmade mondo video mixes! Here’s a few samples of the...
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    X 1,000. Cinefamily is the alpha and omega of Los Angeles. Andy and I have been members for a couple years now and every...
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    My friend is employed by Cinefamily. They’ve been so great to her while she cares for her infant daughter, who was born...
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    I am many timezones away but it is a place I hear of regularly
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    seriously. the best theater in Los Angeles. please give, if you can.
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    Hoping I can give to this at some point. For now, signal boost.
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