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Guy on Reddit is the hacker who discovered the Goldeneye 64 cheat codes →

I remember when this happened, it was a pretty big deal because it was so long after the game came out. This is the best thing I’ve read all day, including that great NY Times article about how everyone in the world exploits / shits on Lindsay Lohan, including her parents and representation.

  1. frankhowley said: That’s really cool. These days, most developers refuse to have cheat codes because it shortens the length it takes to beat the game, which would ultimately lead it being sold to GameStops and resold as ‘used’, thus negating profits. Sux, I luv cheats
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    I used to love playing that game on capture the flag and paintball mode. Hilarity.
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    I actually thought this was really cool! you guys! you guys!
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    Really cool read.
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