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High Road Trailer

Here’s the movie trailer I’ve been working on this week. It’s for UCB co-founder Matt Walsh’s new comedy, High Road, a totally improvised and truly independent film. The movie does not have distribution yet and is premiering on Friday as part of the Newport Beach Film Festival (come down and see it, I’ll be there). It’s a funny, charming movie, and it’s got a great cast, including James Pumphrey (who helped edit this trailer with me), Abby Elliott, Zach Woods, Lizzy Caplan, Matt L. Jones, Rob Riggle, Joe LoTruglio, Ed Helms, Rich Fulcher, Brandon Johnson, Horatio Sanz, Andy Daly, Dylan O’Brien, and Kyle Gass. What a cast, right? So please see the movie. It’s also playing next month at the Seattle Film Festival. For more info go to the movie website. The excellent music in the trailer is by the band State Bird. Go buy their stuff, it’s great.

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    STATE BIRD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This looks awesome
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    not sure if I would like this movie but I love the cast
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    Peter made a thing! It looks pretty good, guys! It’s got weed in it! And a bunch of cool people I admire. Guys, did you...
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    Peter Atencio is a great friend and a very talented man.
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    Much better.
  12. laineydiemond said: Looks good! So jealous of your life.
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    This looks great.
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    Things are now starting to come together for High Road with this 2nd trailer, despite some sites calling it “UCB fan...
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