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SuperDeluxe R.I.P. →

Looks like Turner broadcasting has finally pulled the plug on the SuperDeluxe life support. And that’s that, it’s gone for good. They’ve also gone against what they oringinally promised and took down all the content from the site, rather than integrate it into Adult Swim, with the exception of a few of the most popular shows. I worked on a bunch of different things for SD, and while I was never the most approving of they way they did business and the model under which they chose to operate, I will admit that we had a lot of fun making videos for the site. For memories sakes I’ve posted the very first video I did for them below, episode 1 of the Freeloader’s Guide To Easy Living: Drinking for Free. Enjoy.

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    :( Let the best of Superdeluxe live on at Funnyordie with Honor Student, David Neher, and Coach Weiner: P.E. with Coach...
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