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Fox Orders ‘Murder Police’ Animated Series →

My friend Jason Ruiz has been making his own cartoons since he was a teenager, and they have always been unbelievably funny and original. It was immediately clear to anyone who saw them that he was destined for great things. So, from that perspective, this news has been a long, long time coming. Jason has been working extremely hard for a number of years to make this possible, and it makes me incredibly happy to know that a lot more people will now get to see his talent, on a much bigger scale, as Fox has just ordered 13 episodes of the animated show he co-created called “Murder Police.” I’ve had the unique pleasure to see the show take shape up close because I play one of the characters, Detective John Rushour, the captain of the homicide squad. Some of the other characters are played by Penny Marshall, Chi McBride, Horatio Sanz, Will Sasso, and Jason himself. Murder Police as a pilot presentation has already been a delight to be a small part of, I look forward to seeing what Jason, David, and the rest of the team put together for the series, and I can’t wait to do more. Congratulations, Jason!

First Murder Police table read!

First Murder Police table read!

Traditional American Family


We sent the Paloni script over to FBC in early January. It sat there until March 8th when we got official word that FOX passed on the show. The Palonis are being “shopped around” to other networks currently, but they will not be a FOX property. I suppose deep down I always knew this would happen. Anyone trying to get a show on the air at FOX is going to need a traditional American family up front and center. A traditional American family with some sort of twist. Like, for instance, a traditional American family that owns a hat company! They make hats!! Or, a traditional American family that owns a taxi cab company! In each episode they deal with typical family problems while driving people around! Brilliant! OR, a traditional American family that’s in the military! Can you imagine?! They’re all in the army!! Even little Joe Joe (the baby who talks) is in the army! HAHA! I can’t wait to watch that show! Heck, I can’t wait to spend the next two years of my life developing it and writing a pilot! I guess I know what my next project is! Look out for “The Militarians” on FOX in 2015!

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