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"Bye Daddy. I’m dying."

Key & Peele - Obama: The College Years

Shooting this sketch was a ton of fun. Our art department put together a fully furnished period-accurate late ’70s / early ’80s dorm room, and we had a bunch of great background actors in period clothing who all had a backstory that we’d made up for them. We had some scripted lines we wanted to hit, but I also spent a lot of time letting Jordan just play and improv lines in the scene, and to make it feel as authentic as possible I walked around shooting everything on an early ’80s Magnavox Newvicon camcorder that our DP had rigged to record to a hard drive. There’s a bunch of extra footage that I really love, but we didn’t use it because we were tight on time and didn’t want the sketch to drag, so at some point I’ll definitely put out a longer director’s cut of this one. A small piece of trivia: because of the drug / sex references in the sketch, Occidental College wouldn’t let us use their name, so the sweatshirts in the piece are from “Accidental College.”

Spies Reunited - Two spies who are former lovers are reunited after years apart. The newest video by The Midnight Show.

Directed by Peter Atencio, written by James Pumphrey, starring Heather Anne Campbell, James Pumphrey, and Nic Wegener, cinematography by Sean O’Brien, makeup by Genevieve Lamb, sound by Mike Davis, produced by Michael Busch with assistance from Joe Wagner and Anthony Deptula.