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Pepsi Max & Jeff Gordon Present: Test Drive 2

Pepsi asked me to make a sequel to last year’s successful Test Drive video that I directed. This is the result. Special thanks to DP Charles Papert, Producer Gina Kwon, Davey Brown Creative Director Marc Gilbar, Pepsi Brand Chief Lou Arbetter, Pepsi Creative Director Barry Rosen, Gifted Youth EP Dal Wolf, and the entire crew who all kicked ass on a tight timeline and budget and pulled off something everyone thought was crazy. When I’m not laid up with the flu I’ll talk a bit more about how we pulled it all off. Until then you can read Travis’ account over at Jalopnik.

One More Reason Why 'Key & Peele' Is So Funny: The Cinematic Vision of Director Peter Atencio →

Indiewire said some really nice things about me and then interviewed me about how I make Key & Peele. Blushin’ pretty hard over here you guys. Make sure you watch the season 3 premiere TONIGHT at 10:30p/9:30c on Comedy Central. Thanks Indiewire!

Adweek: Director Peter Atencio on Pepsi's Wildly Popular Jeff Gordon Video →

I did an interview with Adweek on the surprising success of the Test Drive video, why it’s been shared so much, and how youtube prank videos and Russian dash-cams are influencing advertising.

My Vimeo Account →

I just put up a bunch of new work, including some things you can’t currently see anywhere else. Unless you have a DVR, in which case, OH YOU FANCY, HUH?

Drive Recklessly is on the front page of Funny Or Die today, so won’t you please watch it? And I thank you.

How important is it that you watch this Midnight Show PSA? Let me put it this way: millions of lives depend on it.

Directed & Edited by Peter Atencio
Written by Heather Anne Campbell
Starring Heather Anne Campbell and James Pumphrey
Produced by Heather Anne Campbell and Michael Busch
Music by Philip Glass
Cinematography by Mike Karnell

It’s official.

I will be the sole director on all 8 episodes of Key & Peele for Comedy Central. I’m very excited to be a part of the show, and even though it’s going to be a tremendous amount of work to do every episode, I think having a single director for the season will give the show an important consistency of voice that most comedy shows don’t get to have. We’re in a unique position to be able to do this because of the flexibility of our schedule that Comedy Central has been good enough to accommodate. This allows us to approach production more like a feature film with lots of advance prep, and I can’t wait to begin production on the 52 new sketches we will be shooting over five weeks in Oct. / Nov. and the new live audience segments that we will tape in December, each of which are going to be hilarious. We approached the sketches on the pilot with the intent to make them more like stand-alone short films than typical tv sketches, and we’ll be using that same approach on the full show. It is our sincere goal to make the show one of the best sketch comedy shows of all time. A lofty ring to reach for, we know, but one that we take seriously. I look forward to showing you what we’ve done when the show begins airing in late January of 2012.

"Siamese Twins" - Alex and Mike are siamese twins, which means they share everything. Everything.

The newest video from The Midnight Show is up on the front page of Funny Or Die today. Starring Cale Hartmann, James Pumphrey, and Ian Roberts, written by Cale Hartmann, and directed by Peter Atencio.

Pet Hotel!

New Midnight Show sketch I co-directed with Rob Getzschma, written by and starring Hal Rudnick. Shot by Brian Lane and edited by Rob.

Ryan Hansen Pranks The Midnight Show - Ryan’s trying to create his own pranks tv show, and his first victims are members of UCB’s sketch comedy group The Midnight Show

New and very NSFW video I directed for The Midnight Show starring Party Down / Veronica Mars star Ryan Hansen. Written by Cale Hartmann and starring The Midnight Show.

Ke$ha Admits Using Autotune

I directed this sketch for Team Coco starring the pop star everyone loves to hate (who is actually very nice in person). It was written by Josh Simpson and co-stars Joel Spence. And yes, for those keeping track I have now directed sketches with two of the most loathed pop stars in the world (the other one being Kanye West), so if anyone knows Lady Gaga, let her know that I’m down to make it three.

If the video is incorrectly formatted on the tumblr dashboard, you can view it here. Comedy Central OKs Two New Sketch Series →

So that thing I directed a while ago got picked up! I am very excited to be working with Keegan & Jordan on their show, because they are two extremely funny and phenomenally talented writers and performers. And Jay and Ian are pretty cool too, I guess. Mostly, it’s weird to know what I’m going to be working on more than two weeks in advance for once. Also, congrats to Nick Kroll and everyone who worked on his show as well (especially Inman Young!).

I directed a sketch starring Ke$ha for Team Coco that will be released later this week. You have been warned.

I directed a sketch starring Ke$ha for Team Coco that will be released later this week. You have been warned.